Since: 3.7


This module is always running in the background while you are working on a BibTeX database. It makes a backup copy and keeps that up-to-date on every user interaction. For instance, when you change a field the new value would get saved into the backup copy.

Assumed that JabRef crashes while you are working on a BibTeX database. When you try again to open the file JabRef crashed with you will get the following dialog:

Screenshot of the backup dialog

Now you have the possibility to restore your changes which would normally get lost.


By default this feature is enabled and it is running continuously without users influence. By using the service, you can generate an appropriate .gitignore file by opening


While opening a .bib file, JabRef simultaneously creates a .sav file which is used as a current buffer. If JabRef gets closed normally the .sav file will be removed. Otherwise, this file is going to be used for database restoration next time.