Links to other entries

JabRef supports following fields to jump to other entries.

Following fields are supported:

  • cites - comma separated list of citation keys which are cited by this entry

  • crossref - single entry which is cross referenced.

  • related - comma separated list of citation keys which are in some kind related to this entry. The type of all relations can be specified by a single relatedtype (see Note: biblatex prints this information if related is active at the biblatex package.

To use the crossref field, navigate to the general tab and insert the Crossref at the top.

To use cites and related, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Bib(la)TeX source

  2. Insert related = {citationkey},

  3. Close the entry editor

  4. Open the entry editor

  5. Navigate to "Other fields"

  6. There, you now see "related" with the possibilities to (i) navigate to the entry, (ii) add new related entries, (iii) remove related entries.


If you use crossref, JabRef will move these entries first in the bibliography as otherwise BibTeX cannot use the information of the cross-referenced fields. See also

Please note that biblatex treats crossref differently than BibTeX.

Unsupported fields

  • citedBy - this is the opposite of cites. Use cites instead.

  • relations - this would introduce a complicated field similar to our save actions. A simple key/value is enough

  • references - stores all references in plain text (PRVV plugin). Thus, we do not use it.

Further information

See for the developer's discussion on the fields.

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