Sharing a Bib(La)TeX Database

When sharing a Bib(La)TeX database, JabRef automatically recognizes a change in the bib file on disk and notifies the user of it. This works well on network drives.

Note: the use of a version control system (SVN, git, etc.) is recommended as this will allow for reverting changes.

To make the sharing of a Bib(La)TeX database easier, it is recommended to set specific database properties. In the menu File -> database properties:

  • Select UTF-8 as encoding.

  • Define a General file directory, which will be used to store shared PDF (and other) files.

  • Define a sort order (year, author, title is recommended).

  • Check Refuse to save the database before external changes have been reviewed.

  • Check Enable save actions, and defines these actions, to help enforcing a consistent format for the entries.

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