LaTeX Citations Tab

This tool allows you to search for citations in LaTeX files.

In the user interface, a tab was added to the entry editor, the aesthetics have been improved, and the tool was renamed to Search for Citations in LaTeX files.


A new tab was added to the entry editor. It allows to search for citations to the active entry in the LaTeX file directory. It can be configured in the Library properties dialog.

See the image below to see how it works:

Key Features

The new tab

  • A LaTeX Citations tab has been added to the entry editor.

  • This tab can be disabled in the Entry editor preferences.

  • A progress indicator appears while parsing.

  • Current search is cancelled if another entry is selected.

  • Parsed files are stored when the tool is run for the first time (to achieve better performance).

  • The current search path is shown at the bottom, next to a button to set the LaTeX file directory.

  • A user-friendly error logging and handling has also been implemented.

A custom user interface controller for listing citations

  • The citations list view is the same for dialog tool and tab.

  • The context of citations is shown instead of the whole line of text (which is shown as a tooltip).

  • Absolute file path has been changed into a relative one, from the search path.

  • New icons and styles for context, file path, and position (line and column) of a citation.

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