Since: 3.7


The autosave feature helps to save an opened database without manual intervention. Furthermore, it synchronizes your local files which are associated with appropriate shared SQL databases.


Screenshot of the autosave preferences

You can activate the autosave feature through Options → Preferences, and then by choosing File on the left panel. At the lower part of the window, a section is dedicated to AutoSave.

Autosave for local databases

If you are working on .bib files which are located on your file system, this feature will detect your changes automatically and save them without further intervention.

Autosave for shared databases

Generally, you are able to save a shared database after connecting to it. This feature enables a full synchronization of your local bib file with the shared SQL database which could simultaneously be used by other collaborators.


By default this feature is disabled for local databases. It has to be kept apart from the main backup functionality as the backup is running continuously without users influence.

By using the service, you can generate an appropriate .gitignore file by opening