‚ÄčGVK, the GBV Union Catalogue, is a multimaterial bibliographic database of seven German federal states. It covers 41.5 million records of books, conference proceedings, periodicals, dissertations, microfilms and electronic resources.

Advanced search

You can simply enter words / names / years you want to search for, or you can specify search keys. Supported keys are:

  • all - all words. Not specifYing a search key results in an "all" search

  • tit - title words

  • per - authors, editors, etc.

  • thm - topics

  • slw - key words

  • txt - tables of content

  • num - numbers, e.g. ISBN

  • kon - names of conferences

  • ppn - Pica Production Numbers of the GVK

  • bkl - Basisklassifikation-numbers

  • erj - year of publication


  • queries can be combined with "and". The use of "and" is optional, though.

  • in many cases you can use the truncation sign "?"

  • spaces in person names are not supported yet. Please use the truncation sign ? after the first name for several given names. E.g. "per Maas,jan?"

Sample queries

  • "marx kapital"

  • "per grodke and tit db2"

  • "per Maas,jan?"